It’s better than WeChat, WhatsApp and Facebook combined

I use WeChat all the time. I use  WhatsApp for my out of China friends who have not yet seen the WeChat light and I use Facebook mainly out of habit.

The World Wide Web is a wonderful tool and provides a great opportunity for initial contact and for sources of information but in order to get past the initial contact stage one needs to develop strong contacts with people who trust you and whom you can trust.

However, there is somethng far better than WeChat, Whats App and Facebook.

I have thousands of contacts on each of these (and a number of other) social media platforms.

However, that is the problem … they are contacts not real-life friends.

Many people will share to their social media contacts the good news — Hey guys,meet my new gf/bf/hubby/wife or Hi all I’ve got a new job. Most people don’t share the burning issues of their day —  Please help I’m feeling down my gf/bf/hubby/wife dumped me or HELP, I’ve lost my job and need a new one ASAP.  

This is because the contacts are not real friends, not people with whom we normally bare our souls nor share with them the things that worry and torment us  — no job how am I going to make ends meet?

So what is better than WeChat, WhatsApp and Facebook combined?

It is of course a network of real friends, people with whom one can share the good and the BAD news.

Personally, I am very lucky becasue I am the centre, the hub, of a large network of friends who are a daily source of business opportunites, career opportunites and inspiration.

I would like to invite you to join me on Tuesday, any Tuesday, every Tuesday in Beijing for events that are designed to help promote Business, Careers and Inspiration.

The FCGroup’s events are for people who understand that even in today’s eWorld and iWorld social interaction in a friendly and supportive environment opens many doors that are often closed to those who depend solely on
This is exactly what networking can do for you and you can do for fellow participants because it is a two way street.

The more you give the more you get. The more often you attend the higher the probabaility that you will find the key to achieiving your goal.

Why wait? Join us on Tuesday.

(NB. At all the events the prepay price is cheaper than RSVP and cash at door price which, in turn, is cheaper than the walk-in price)

For more information about the themes and to prepay or to register for any of these events please go to our HOME PAGE  or scan the QR code.



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