March 8 – The 6th Annual WOW Awards for Wonderful Outstanding Women in Beijing

“Glass ceilings” should not exist and gender discrimination is not only harmful to a person’s self-confidence but also causes economic losses.
Victims of gender discrimination lose motivation and morale necessary to perform their jobs effectively leading to a loss in productivity.
This is one of the reasons why back in 2012 we started the Annual WOW Awards for Wonderful Outstanding Women in Beijing. 

The WOWs are an amazing way to celebrate the success and achievements of some of Beijing’s Wonderful Outstanding Women.

This Award Ceremony congratulates them for their achievements during the last year.


The Award ceremony was attended by the WOW Award 2017 Nominees their guests and the general public.






insideout.-1-2The evening includes a 5 course meal and an exciting Live Entertainment programme that features the In Side Out Duo (the female half of whom won a WOW Award last year). In Side Out combine Mark Levine’s American Country Style music with Fu Han’s traditional Chinese Erhu into a melodious mix.     



The WOW Award Ceremony commences at 7.30pm and was held in Dini’s Kosher Restaurant, Fang Yuan Xi Lu, next to the south gate of Si De Park, Chaoyang District, Beijing 朝阳区 芳园西路9-12号(四得公园南门)


You can find the menu  here 

The evening was concluded by announcing THE WOW of 2017


PS: Yes, men obviously also attended the event as well!


The 2017 WOW Awards categories  and nominees were:


Category Full Name Result 
Business WOW Claudia Masueger   
Business WOW Clicia Huang  
Business WOW Isabella Li  
Business WOW Lucy Hu Winner
Charity WOW Elyse Ribbons  
Charity WOW Mary Kate Brown Winner
Charity WOW Stacy Dike  
Charity WOW Virginia Tan  
Creative WOW Li Fei Fei  
Creative WOW Mia Zhou Winner
Creative WOW Paloma Sanchez  
Creative WOW Snow 徐静雪  
Creative WOW Sunny Wang  
Creative WOW Antonia Sampson  
Creative WOW Komal Narwani  
Creative WOW Lizz De Walsh  
Education Administrator WOW Amanda Barry  
Education Administrator WOW Chelsey MacLellan   
Education Administrator WOW Katrina Bloom   
Education Administrator WOW Marie McPhee  Winner
Fashion WOW Catherine Colin Winner
Fashion WOW Doris Durfee  
Fashion WOW Snow 徐静雪  
Fashion WOW Stacy Dike  
Fashion WOW Sunny Wang  
Legal WOW Lara Bouriser  
Legal WOW Luka Lu Winner
Media WOW Li Ying  
Media WOW Monica Dierks  
Media WOW Rachel Ruble Winner
Media WOW Sophie Li  
Medical WOW Jane Zhang  
Medical WOW Wei Gu Winner
Teaching WOW Ameliza Pepito   
Teaching WOW Chelsea MacKenzie  Winner
Teaching WOW Chistina Chung   
Teaching WOW Daphne Akut   
Teaching WOW Dyan Bernardo  
Teaching WOW Ghazala Sajid  
Teaching WOW Kate Hooper   
Teaching WOW Kelsey Myles   
Teaching WOW Sunny Wang  
Teaching WOW Vicki Cann  
Working Mum WOW Ghazala Sajid  
Working Mum WOW Jaclyn Laute  
Working Mum WOW Jade Harrold  
Working Mum WOW Rose Wang HaiYan  
Working Mum WOW Samantha T. Sibanda  Winner
Working Mum WOW Sunny Novack  
Young WOW Aby   
Young WOW Ashley Chen  
Young WOW Lilian Rogers  
Young WOW Sandrine Nduwimana  Winner
Young WOW Stephanie Jackson  
Young WOW Wang Siyu   
Young WOW Yueshan Liu  
THE WOW OF 2017 Claudia Masueger   


With a big thanks to our sponsors and partners.


For information about the 2016 WOW Awards (8 March 2016) click here.


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