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The FCGroup® organises networking events in Beijing every Tuesday, organises monthly Daytrips and larger events once per Quarter.

The FCGroup® is designed to help people Netbond. That is to say it is something  far more powerful than a standard networking platform. The FCGroup® pro-actively helps people to build and strengthen business and professional connections and guanxi in order to leverage and focus business and career objectives.

The FCGroup® is the central hub of a large network of business and professional people who meet to forge new contacts and strengthen existing contacts for business, career and social purposes. The basic concept is that it in order to progress up the ladder to achieve one’s goal the bottleneck is not who you know but who knows that you know. This goal is only obtainable by attending quality networking events where people are interested in listening to each other not in talking at each other. The venues are carefully selected to ensure that they too are of a suitable quality and can provide the fitting atmosphere and ambiance to encourage both successful networking and networking for success.

The FCGroup® provides a unique platform of industry themed networking events at which the art of small talk becomes the stepping-stone to big business. The FCGroup®’s events are open to one and all who are able to converse in English and attract an equal number of English speaking Chinese and English speaking foreigners.

The FCGroup® organises networking events in Beijing every Tuesday

1st Tuesday: Foreigners and Chinese – An All Industry social networking evening to help stimulate new ideas that can only be found outside the box.

2nd Tuesday: Future and Career social networking evening to matchmake job seekers with staff seekers and young professionals with mentors.

3rd Tuesday: F.A.M.E. and Communicators social networking evening – An evening where FAME Fashion, Arts, Media, Entertainment meets PRAMS Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing and Sales.

4th Tuesday: Finance and Commerce.  A social networking evening for BEEF & I … Business, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Finance and Investors, Start-Ups, Hi Tech, Legal.

The FCGroup® additionally organises larger scale events once a quarter and during the warmer months “Escape Concrete Beijing” day trips and promotional events for companies.

The Quarterly events are:

March 8 – The Annual WOW Awards for Wonderful Outstanding Women in Beijing.

June – The Beijing Environment and Sustainability Fair.

September – The Expat Fair and ELAs (Expat Life Awards)

November – The Beijing Environment and Sustainability Fair.

December – “Out with the Old” Charity event

The FCGroup® range of services includes the provision of Foreign Consultants. The FCGroup has a database of over 12,000 people in Beijing and covers most industries. So if you need expert advice, or a guest speaker, please contact us for information regarding availability and cost.

The Founder of FCGroup®, Colin Friedman, has been organising events since the 1970’s. The highlights have included Folk Music Festivals in Israel, a Chinese Language and Culture Exhibition in Beijing, bringing the East Meets West – End (that’s London’s West End) Musical to Beijing, Expat Services Expos in Beijing and, since March 2007, regular networking events in Beijing and of course the now well-known Netbonding “Escape Concrete Beijing” daytrips to the quiet and beautiful rural Beijing. Colin has been invited to talk on numerous radio programmes.

The FCGroup® Slogan is “Networking for Business, Learning, and Inspiration“.

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Please Note:

Conditions apply & are subject to change.

The management reserve the right of admission.

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FCGroup® 简介

FCGroup® 通过提供商务社交活动平台帮助人们建立关系并借此实现商业或职业目标。

FCGroup® 的创始人费满林从1970年起就到中国,并且组织过各种类型的活动。FCGroup® 的前身FC Club 北京活动即由费满林从2006年开始组织。迄今为止,FCGroup® 在北京以英文为主的商务社交圈内是最被认可的活动之一。

FCGroup® 本身以致力于帮助参与社交的人群实现他们的商务目标,在此基础上,FCGroup® 也鼓励创新的人,慈善机构,创业者等利用此平台传达他们的信息。

FCGroup® 当前的主要活动是在每周二晚各五星级酒店的场地内举行。为了让更多的人能参与这个活动,FCGroup® 也正开始组织一些周末室外的一些活动以及每年一次的Expat Fair 活动。

除此之外,FCGroup® 希望在不久的将来能帮助组织在北京组织TED活动,以推动知识,想法及设计的传播。

FCGroup® 的口号是”社交-为商业,知识,启示”




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The 6 th Annual WOW Awards for Wonderful Outstanding Women in Beijing was held on 8 March 2017. Read on for more info

The Third Annual Expat Life Awards were held on 10 Sept 2016. Read on See who won


For general inquiries, please email Wesley Ng at wesley.ng@fcgroup.org


“Colin runs high quality networking events and is a pleasure to be around. It is great to join his events.” — Steve Hubbard  Senior Consultant, Eaststep Consulting Ltd.

“I attend 2-3 business networking cocktail parties each week in Beijing looking for prospective clients for Bo Le Associates, the largest executive search firm in China. FC Group organises and executives some of the most productive events that I know of. I congratulate them on their success!” ”

—- Matthew Cuerdon, Managing Director at Bo Le Associates

“Having known Colin now for 6 years I write this knowing that as Founder and CEO of FCGroup….”

—- William Spiers Mengliangzhou Int Ltd.

“Colin is dedicated to bringing people together for personal and professional benefit ….”

—- AJ Warner Touchdown

Colin has been organising the FCGroup networking events in Beijing for as long as I can remember. And he has always managed ……. more