1st Annual ELA Nominees

These were the nominees for the 1st Annual ELAs.

Click on the name of the nominee to visit their website.

On-line voting for the Expat Life Awards (ELAs)  was held from 11 August 2014 – 5 Septembr 2014

You decided which is the best Expat Mag, Dentist, Chinese langauge School, Hospital, Real Estate Agency etc.

The winners were announced on Sunday 21 Sept at the 1st Annual ELAs




Cat Category Nominee  Award
 1  Chinese Culture Organisations
1.1 China Culture Centre  Highly Recommended
1.2 Culture Yard
1.3 The Hutong  The Best
 2  Chinese Language Schools
2.1 Bridge School  The Best
2.2 Frontiers
2.3 Hutong School  Highly Recommended
2.4 LTL Mandarin School
2.5 My Chinese Study
2.6 New Concept Mandarin
2.7 TailorMade Chinese Center
2.8 That’s Mandarin
 3  Dental Clinics
3.1 Arrail Dental
3.2 IDC
3.3 International SOS Dental Clinic  The Best
3.4 Jiamei Dental  Highly Recommended
3.5 Joinway Dental
3.6 U-Dental
3.7 Vista
4  Expat Mags – Articles
4.1 CityWeekend
4.2 That’s Beijing
4.3 The Beijinger  The Best
4.4 TimeOut  Highly Recommended
5  Expat Mags – Listings 
5.1 CityWeekend  The Best
5.2 That’s Beijing
5.3 The Beijinger
5.4 TimeOut  Highly Recommended
6  Expat Mags – Classifieds
6.1 CityWeekend  Highly Recommended
6.2 That’s Beijing
6.3 The Beijinger  The Best
7.4 TimeOut
7 Hair Salons
75.1 Catherine de France  The Best
7.2 Julie’s Hair Salon
7.3 Laurent Falcon
7.4 TATA
7.5 Tic Tac
7.6 Toni and Guy  Highly Recommended
8  Health Insurance
8.1 Abacare  The Best
8.2 Expat Health Insurance
8.3 Healthwell HK Ltd
8.4 Pacific Prime  Highly Recommended
8.5 Panoramic Insurance Brokerage
8.6 Premium Finance Group
9 Hospitals
9.1 Beijing United Family Hospital  The Best
9.2 China-Japan Friendship Hospital
9.3 GlobalCare Women and Children’s Hospital
9.4 OASIS International Hospital  Highly Recommended
10  International Schools
10.1 3e international school
10.2 Beijing City International School
10.3 Beijing Shuren-Ribet Private School
10.4 Canadian International School of Beijing
10.5 Dulwich College
10.6 Harrow  The Best
10.7 International School of Beijing (ISB)
10.8 The British School of Beijing
10.9 Western Academy of Beijing (WAB)  Highly Recommended
10.10 Yew Chung International School of Beijing (YCIS)
11  Kindergartens
11.1 Beanstalk International Bilingual School
11.2 Daystar  Acadamy
11.3 Ivy schools
11.4 The International Montessori School of Beijing (MSB)  The Best
11.5 Etonkids
11.6 Muffy’s Education
11.7 The Children’s House International Montessori Kindergarten  Highly Recommended
12  Magazine Website  Easiest to navigate
12.1 CityWeekend  The Best
12.2 That’s Beijing
12.3 The Beijinger  Highly Recommended
12.4 TimeOut
13 Magazine Website – Listings
13.1 CityWeekend  Highly Recommended
13.2 That’s Beijing
13.3 The Beijinger  The Best
13.4 TimeOut
14  Magazine Website –  Classifieds
14.1 CityWeekend  Highly Recommended
14.2 That’s Beijing
14.3 The Beijinger  The Best
14.4 TimeOut
15  Medical Clinics (TCM)
15.1 Beijing Dongwen TCM Clinic  The Best
15.2 Beijing Hongyitang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital  Highly Recommended
15.3 Ping Xin Tang Clinic
15.4 “Uni-Con” TCM Clinic
16  Medical Clinics (Western)
16.1 Bayley & Jackson medical center
16.2 Beijing Orient Care Clinic
16.3 Beijing United Family Clinic  The Best
16.4 Puhua International Clinic
16.5 International Medical Center (IMC)
16.6 Passion International Medical Center
16.7 International SOS  Highly Recommended
17  Moving Companies
17.1 AGS International Movers
17.2 Asian Express
17.3 Asian Tigers  The Best
17.4 CIM Continental International Moving
17.5 Crown Relocation  Highly Recommended
17.6 Gateway Relocation
17.7 Links Moving Beijing
17.8 Stone Moving Service
18  Real Estate Agencies
18.1 CityWise Property Solutions  The Best
18.2 Chrisdy Real Estate
18.3 Full Home China
18.4 Joanna Real Estate  Highly Recommended
18.5 LiHong
18.6 Maxxelli Real Estate
18.7 Savills
18.8 Scout Real Estate
19  Spa  and Massage
19.1 99 Massage and Spa Center
19.2 Bodhi Therapeutic Retreat  Highly Recommended
19.3 Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreat  The Best
19.4 Heavenly Spa
19.5 Hummingbird
19.6 Phoenix Retreat
19.7 Tai Dian Massage Salon
19.8 Taipan
20  Sports and Fitness
20.1 B Active Fitness
20.2 California Fitness  The Best
20.3 Hosa Fitness Centre
20.4 Human in Motion  Highly Recommended
20.5 Ole Sports
21  Supermarkets
21.1 April Gourmet  Highly Recommended
21.2 Bonjour
21.3 Jenny Lou  The Best
21.4 Jenny Wang
21.5 JingKeLong
21.6 Lion Mart
21.7 LOHAO
21.8 Nick’s Mart
22  Tours Domestic
22.1 AChinaTours
22.2 Amazing China
22.3 Beijing Hikers  The Best
22.4 China Culture Centre  Highly Recommended
22.5 West China Adventures
23  Veterinary Clinics
23.1 Doctors Beck and Stone Pet Health Care Center  Highly Recommended
23.2 International Center for Veterinary Services (ICVS)  The Best
23.3 Naughty Pet Hospital
23.4 Pampers
24  Wine Shops
24.1 CHEERS  The Best
24.2 Everwines
24.3 Pudao Wines
24.3 Ruby Red
24.5 The Wine Gallery  Highly Recommended
24.6 The Loop


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2 Responses to “1st Annual ELA Nominees”
  1. Hello,
    Improbable Beijing Guidebook would like to be included in the category for English Language Print Media.
    Thanks Jerrod

  2. Monica Turri says:

    I vote for Laurent Falcon’s salons. Far the best!

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