Updated: 28 May 2016       Today (28 May 2016) we launched a new section of our website that can be seen as a virtual school to successful networking.  The first article is “The 5 common networking mistakes that most people make”. To access this resource click here.   The 5th Annual WOW Awards for Wonderful Outstanding Women in Beijing was held on Tuesday 8 March. The results have been posted as have pictures from the event. We also have a few openings for sponsors for our weekly networking evenings.     Birthday presents available for FCGroup members and friends.  If your birthday is on a Tuesday that we have an event you get free…


July 5 – International Doggie Bag DayI

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Many people in the world know that on 4th of July each year Americans world wide celebrate their Independance Day. Like many national holidays a key ingredient is FOOD. They barbecue burgers, hot dogs, corn, steak, chicken wings, eat pies, watermelons and wash it down with a nice refreshing drink or three. The Americans also gave the world the concept of doggie bag. The day after the US Independence Day is International Doggie Bag Day, a day to recycle and to try and cut down on waste.   We will be celebrating International Doggie Bag Day at Godfather’s because everyone needs a friendly Godfather.   Godfather’s is a fantastic Australian owned and managed bar and restaurant…


The 2016 Expat Life Awards


China Expert International Ltd. and the FCGroup are proud to be the organisers of the 3rd Annual ELAs (Expat Life Awards).     Beijing today is no longer a consumer hardship posting for expatriates. The opposite, there is a wide and very diverse range of products and services available. In fact there is now so much choice that at times it is hard to know what to buy or which service provider to use. The ELAs have been designed so that the Expatriate community can show their support for their preferred vendors. The winning vendor will be able to proudly confirm to new arrivals and old hands alike that they were awarded an ELA in recognition…


June 28 – SaaSPad launch party: featuring a presentation on keys to the China saas market entry and Development.


This month’s Finance and Commerce event features SaaSPad who are very kindly sponsoring this event.   SaaSPad is a social network for founders who want to do business in China.   China is a unique market, and collaboration in the Middle Kingdom is essential to success.   There is an abundance of cautionary tales from people who tried to enter the Chinese market and eventually, usually quickly, failed because they failed to do their due diligence.   China represents the largest market in the world, and it’s growing middle class continually craves new products.   Our aim is to create a collaborative community for innovators to share their experiences and connect with experts and investors….


July 1 – Old China Hands Monthly Luncheon


A monthly lunch get together for old China Hands, normally held on the first Friday of the month. Each person pays for his own food. This get together is limited to Expatriates who have been in China at least 10 years. Next Get Together:  Friday 1 July   12:15 Venue: Morel’s Restaurant, Gongti Bei Lu (opposite Workers’ Gymnasium North Gate, Northwest corner of the intersection with Chunxiu Lu) Dongcheng District 东城区, 莫劳龙玺西餐, 工体北路春秀路西北角工人体育馆北门对面 Tel: 6416 8802 If you wish to attend please contact Colin (  or Gilbert ( so we will know how  many tables to reserve.


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The 5th Annual WOW Awards for Wonderful Outstanding Women in Beijing was held on 8 March 2016. Read on for more info
The Second Annual Expat Life Awards were held on 19 Sept 2015. Read on See who won

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"I attend 2-3 business networking cocktail parties each week in Beijing looking for prospective clients for Bo Le Associates, the largest executive search firm in China. FC Group organises and executives some of the most productive events that I know of. I congratulate them on their success!" ”

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